What We Do

ReportOUT are a global human rights organisation for sexual and gender minorities, which means we protect and defend the human rights of sexual and gender minorities in every nation state. We hear stories of corrective rape, torture, criminalisation and death, just because people love who they love or that they simply want to be themselves. We think that harm to sexual and gender minorities needs to stop.


So what do we do about it? 


Inform: Education and Training

EducateOUT Project

Our mission is to educate the public about what is happening to sexual and gender minorities in different nation states - from designing training courses for professionals to improve their practice, recording podcasts for the public with activists to developing educational workshops.

Report: Research

CallOUT Project

ReportOUT research, monitor and document abuses against sexual and gender minorities in every nation state.  Our Human Rights Researchers are involved in a number of research projects exploring nation states or thematic issues.


Defend: Campaigns

CampaignOUT Project

At ReportOUT, we campaign for social justice for sexual and gender minorities, and we want to bring an end to the injustice, discrimination and human rights abuses of people globally. Our CampaignOUT project is about increasing the temperature on those who would bring harm to us, as well bringing the wider public on board with our journey. 

ReportOUT, Pride Media Centre

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Registered Charity Number: 1185887


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