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Spread the word about ReportOUT!

Our new ReportOUT posters are now available to all! Please download and print off your own copies, to spread around community centres, places of work, educational establishments, and more. You can save them as electronic files (they are PNG folders) so can be easily shared on social media. Feel free to tag ReportOUT into your posts, and we will share them where possible!

What is the theme?

We wanted to highlight the human rights abuses of many LGBTQI+ people worldwide, through using real quotes from people who have given us permission to use them. We show just some of the wide range of rights abuses toward LGBTQI+ people worldwide. These hard-hitting posters show the reality of many people's lived experiences.

'A World Without' campaign:

However, we did not want this to be only negative, and so we worked with LGBTQI+ people to highlight a 'world without' homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, interphobia, lesbophobia, and a world where the human rights of LGBTQI+ people are respected and upheld. This is not a utopia, and it could be a positive reality for many people, should we all continue to fight for the human rights of others. Our work at ReportOUT is crucial to that fight.

Help us to continue our much needed work. As a volunteer-led charity, we rely on public donations to help us to continue. You can give a one-off or a regular monthly donation, via our donation page.

Check out and download our new posters by scrolling through the slide show, clicking on them and saving them.

The reality...

Now, imagine a world without...

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