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Our global award-winning Flag in the Map Project! Exhibit our placards in your organisation!

In 2022, ReportOUT worked in partnership with the Gilbert Baker Foundation to develop our award-winning ‘Flag in the Map’ project.


At a time when the Pride flag is often under attack, this project documented people flying their Pride flags, however they are able, in all parts of the world. We then transformed 50 of the 200 submitted images into both a book and a beautiful set of exhibition placards for Pride events, workplaces, community centres, galleries, and more.


We held two VIP launch exhibitions for Pride Month in 2022 in both London and New York. Since then, they have been hosted in over 10 places, including Leeds U.K., Malta for EuroPride, San Francisco, and Paris.

Would you like to host an exhibition of our Flag in the Map Project? Please contact us!


Read more about this project below.

Without doubt, the Pride flag and all of its evolving manifestations, is one of the most recognisable global symbols. It is a sign of love, equality, peace, solidarity, activism and protest to many different people. It has become an important symbol of our the global LGBTQI+ human rights movement. The Pride flag belongs to no one person or nation to own it as theirs, it is for all of us, just like our own human rights.


At ReportOUT, we see people flying the Pride flag in many different ways across many different parts of the globe. The Pride flag is flown at Pride marches, displayed on windows or balconies, or flown from a flagpole in an embassy or private business. However, some people find their nation states much more restrictive, so the Pride flag may be quickly revealed as a form of protest, or it is graffitied, painted or stickered on a wall or simply put up within a bedroom or a private space. People find different and unique ways to share the Pride flag, and we wanted to celebrate this fact.


ReportOUT and the Gilbert Baker Foundation scooped the 'Gold' award at the Second Annual Anthem Awards, winning the TOP award in the category of 'Global Awareness Campaign' for our powerful Flag in the Map Project!

The second Annual Anthem competition received nearly 2,000 entries from 43 countries worldwide.

"Selection as a winner means your work not only demonstrates world class talent, leadership and execution, it is also a best in class example of the work leading the way in the Impact Industry today. You should be incredibly proud of your accomplishment!" (Anthem Awards)

Anthem Awards Gold Winner.png

We made 50 of our 200 submitted entries into a book!


For decades, the Pride flag has changed lives. The Flag in the Map book is a stirring collection of photographs, and real global stories, that proves the flag’s universal power to inspire sexual and gender minorities around the world, especially in countries where their everyday existence is threatened.


The stories they tell in this book are hopeful, sometimes harrowing, but always fascinating - and a testament to the enduring strength of the Rainbow Flag.

Through buying a copy of this beautiful and insightful book, the proceeds will be contributing directly toward our work at ReportOUT and to the Gilbert Baker Foundation.

Flag in the Map Cover.png

We also made the winning submitted entries into a set of placards which can be exhibited by you!


Three of the placards are essays, which tell a story of the Flag in the Map project. The other placards feature our chosen entries submitted from nation states as wide-ranging as Brazil, Ukraine, China, Japan, Latvia, Pakistan and Cameroon. View previous exhibitions here.

You can view these stunning placards (click to enlarge and then scroll) and original photographs, below. Would you like to exhibit them?

blue, green, and yellow world map_edited

Feeling inspired? Imagine how an exhibition of Flag in the Map can revitalise and inspire your community event. These placards are perfect for any IDAHOBIT, LGBTQ+ History Month Event, or Pride Month event. They will enhance in any space, such as a ball or awards ceremony. 


Consider hosting a Flag in the Map event and exhibition in your town or city. Talk to us.


You can either print and mount the show yourself, in which case we will share the original links to the actual print files, logos, and marketing materials. Or, our existing printed exhibit can be shipped directly to you with enough notice. Please speak to us to discuss the sizes of the placards and exhibition guidelines.

Placard sizes:

  • The Pride flag pictures and story placards are 24 inches wide by 17 and a half inches high.

  • There are also 4 essay placards which centrally frame the exhibit, they are 24 inches wide by 36 inches high.

Pricing for hosting the exhibition:

  • LGBTQI+ registered charities and organisations: £150.00

  • Non-LGBTQI+ VCSE (Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise) organisations: £200.00

  • NHS, Local Authority, statutory services and educational institutes: £300.00

  • Private sector organisations: £500.00

If you wish to have the existing printed exhibit shipped to you, then you must pay for the full postage and packaging costs, and pay for the safe return of the placards back to us. We are also available on an ad hoc basis (if we have capacity) to attend and speak at openings and promotional events for cost and a small fee. 

Please complete the booking form link and we will be in touch.

Any other questions? Please contact us about hosting a Flag in the Map exhibition!

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Want to know more?

We invite you to watch our pre-launch livestream video with ReportOUT and the Gilbert Baker Foundation to find out more about the Flag in the Map project and our original launch in New York in 2022.

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