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Queer Map of the World

What does the world look like for LGBTQ+ human rights?

Image by NASA

Welcome to our Queer Map of the World

What is happening to LGBTQ+ people around the world?


Our fantastic interactive queer map can help you out. Whether you are a potential tourist wanting to travel to a new country and want to know more, or you are a refugee entering a new country and you need information. Perhaps you are working on a research project, or you simply want to know more about a nation state and LGBTQ+ rights, then our map is for you.


Containing links to all of ReportOUT's country-wide 'OUT in' research projects, our YouTube videos, podcasts and short country fact files, this map is your helpful guide to queer rights across the globe.

What does our map contain?

Image by Brielle French

Explore our map

Scroll around the map and zoom in on any country where there is a ReportOUT logo and you will find information developed by ReportOUT, about that nation state. All country reports are downloadable, as are our nation state fact files. Links to our podcasts and videos will allow you watch and listen to them. 

Want to help us add to this map with an event covering LGBTQ+ rights in your nation state? 

If you are an LGBTQ+ organisation or activist from a nation state with an event not covered on our map, then our Events Team would love to hear from you:

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