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Exposure: Global Photography Competition (2021)

Our ‘Exposure’ Global Photography Competition is open to sexual and gender minorities across the globe. It is about exposing to the world, your own authentic photographs of your activism, your pride, your resistance and your community. We invite you to submit your own photography to our competition, so we can build up a photobank of what is happening across the world, with winning pieces receiving a prize! You do not have to be an expert photographer to take part and we invite all to get involved.


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Campaigning virtually

At a time when physical activism feels somewhat stunted with the limits of COVID, having a virtually accessible campaign that is accessible internationally is important. This campaign comes at a time when the voices and wellbeing of sexual and gender minorities are being ignored under the loud, constant conversation of global health. We will show that we are not to be ignored as we raise our own experiences though campaigning.


Heavily inspired by the powerful rainbow flag activist photo revealed during the 2020 Poland protests, this campaign upholds the power of a photo. Photo activism creates an impact that needs no words – it defies language and the power, passion and fight that is necessary for fighting for the human rights of sexual and gender minorities, going beyond borders.

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Who can participate?

When will it take place:

This competition will be available to enter from any individual residing in any nation state. By making this available for all, we are amplifying activist voices that are commonly ignored in the West. It will act as a reminder for all nation states how marginalised sexual and gender minorities still suffer from human rights violations and that the future is one of fight and progression.

We are currently working hard and collaborating with our partners to set up the timeline for the competition. Watch this space or follow us on social media or via our newsletter for updates.

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